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Global Pharma with Broad Portfolio Selects TrueMed for Brand Protection and Counterfeit Investigations

TrueMed enhances field investigations with advanced AI-powered counterfeit detection.   

[Helsinki, 10JAN2024] – TrueMed, the leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions, has announced its selection by a leading global pharmaceutical company to enhance the fight against counterfeit medications. This collaboration represents a significant commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of its extensive product portfolio, reinforcing both companies’ dedication to patient safety and brand protection. 

The initiative comes in response to the increasing sophistication of counterfeit medications, which pose a risk to patient health and the overall trust in healthcare. By incorporating TrueMed’s advanced detection technologies, the pharmaceutical company aims to significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of identifying fake drugs within the market. TrueMed’s system offers a substantial improvement over traditional detection methods, which often rely on manual inspection and can miss high-quality counterfeits. 

As part of this collaboration, field investigators will be equipped with TrueMed’s cutting-edge tools, enhancing their ability to identify and report counterfeit products. This technology reduces the need for extensive training and experience traditionally required for counterfeit detection, allowing for a more agile and effective response to the ever-evolving threat of fake medications. 

“The increase in counterfeiter sophistication demands a rigorous response, and we are committed to that challenge,” said Jyrki Berg, CEO of TrueMed. “Our digital laboratory’s technology provides timely and accurate detection, supporting the investigators in unprecedented ways. Our goal is to not just respond to counterfeiting trends but to actively define higher standards for product safety and authenticity.” 

TrueMed simplifies the field inspection process by allowing less skilled investigators to conduct effective work. The technology takes over complex identification tasks, enabling more widespread and cost-effective investigations without the need for extensive training or experience. This approach helps scale up operations efficiently, making field inspections more accessible. 

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About TrueMed.  
TrueMed is a leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions. The company’s AI-enabled platform uses cutting-edge technology to analyze and identify potential counterfeit products, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently protect their brands and their customers. 

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