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The power of data realized.

We answer the question “What happens after detection?” Our cutting-edge technology ensures that every scan is performed consistently across all investigators, delivering a significantly higher throughput compared to traditional methods. But that’s just the beginning of what sets us apart.  TrueMed offers real-time digital tools not only for detecting and analyzing issues but also for generating in-depth automatic reports suitable for legal purposes

Here's what you can expect when you choose TrueMed

Error-Free Scanning

We've eliminated the potential for human errors in the detection process, providing you with the utmost accuracy and confidence.

Real-time Visibility

Brand owners can now monitor all investigator scans in real-time, gaining instant access to invaluable investigative data.

Comprehensive Data Gathering

During the scan, we collect a wealth of information, including location, pricing, and distribution details, giving you a comprehensive view of the counterfeit landscape.

Advanced Tools

Our platform equips you with powerful tools that go beyond simple authentication. Discover patterns, identify grouped counterfeit products, and gain insights into the variety of counterfeit versions in circulation.

Real-time Reporting

Stay ahead of the game with our real-time reporting feature. Receive automated alerts and generate comprehensive final reports at your fingertips, ready for submission to authorities and law enforcement agencies.


What happens after you detect a counterfeit?

TrueMed offers real-time digital tools not only for detecting and analyzing issues but also for generating in-depth automatic reports suitable for legal purposes. Multi-layer detection is possible by scanning lot numbers or codes and assessing potential security features to compile comprehensive data from the target product.

  • No product shipments, purchases, or mystery shoppers required.
  • Actionable data containing diversions, versioning and groupings
  • Simplified automated case reports for legal professionals.

Simplified & Automated

Goes beyond traditional methods by employing field investigators who acquire products from physical stores or online marketplaces. Our TrueMed app empowers them to inspect products thoroughly, ensuring a rigorous evaluation process. Simultaneously, we gather critical forensic data, such as purchase location, pricing, and wholesaler information.

The result?

Market intelligence like never before. TrueMed Counterfeit Detection transforms data into actionable insights, giving you the edge in combating counterfeit products effectively.

Choose TrueMed Counterfeit Detection for a future where counterfeit detection is smarter, faster, and more reliable than ever before.

Join us in the fight against counterfeit goods, and let’s protect your brand together.

Empower Investigators

Provide investigators with a digital lab in their pocket. No more waiting weeks for results

Counterfeit Grouping

Help experts and investigators better understand the patterns and origins of counterfeit goods by automatically grouping identical counterfeits

Geographical Analysis

Concentrate efforts on hotspots for more effective investigative strategies.

Advanced Data

Identify the precise areas to concentrate on and enhance your investigation efforts

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