Your New Digital Laboratory with Full Data Analytics

Leverage comprehensive data analytics to effectively trace the origins and pathways taken by illicit products. With real-time alerts you can quickly combat the proliferation of counterfeited and diverted products and safeguard the integrity of your supply chains.

Counterfeit Grouping

Help experts and investigators better understand the patterns and origins of counterfeit goods by automatically grouping identical counterfeits

Loss Analysis

Efficiently track and gain valuable real-time insights into the estimated bottom-line costs.

Price Intelligence

Require undercover shoppers to record purchase prices, unveiling the true market value of your product and providing valuable insights into its actual selling price.

Geographical Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of counterfeit centralization and concentrate efforts on hotspots for more effective countermeasure strategies.

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts that are finely tuned to your preferences and requirements, while also offering the flexibility to customize your reporting according to your specific needs

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