Artificial Intelligence

Your Challenge

In an era marked by rapidly advancing technology and increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters, the landscape of counterfeit detection is undergoing a transformative shift, presenting new and formidable challenges. Our clients benefit from cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that empowers them to combat counterfeiting and organized crime with precision. 

What’s the biggest challenge in protecting your brand’s values?

Learn about brand and product protection and find out how latest technology supported by artificial intelligence can make more impactful to secure your products in various users and old & future challenges and more enhance your brand’s value.

What does Product and Brand Value Protection entail?

Product and brand value protection involves a coordinated set of strategies aimed at restricting criminals from introducing fake, stolen, expired or diverted products into the market. These efforts are not confined to any specific channel; they extend to both online marketplaces and traditional brick-and-mortar channels.

What is AI-driven brand and product protection?

AI-driven brand and product protection harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine vision to safeguard your brand's integrity and product authenticity. These cutting-edge technologies empower to detect and combat counterfeits and bolster consumer trust, all while staying one step ahead of counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors.

What's the magic behind the functionality of TrueMed?

The magic behind the functionality of TrueMed AI lies in its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities. It tirelessly analyzes and cross-references data, detecting anomalies, and patterns that would be nearly impossible for the human eye to detect.

Can a product be safeguarded against counterfeiting even after it has already been delivered to the market?

TrueMed offers the capability to secure products even after they have been delivered to the market. The protection process takes just a few minutes, and brand owners have the flexibility to select specific countries or market regions they wish to protect.

Can TrueMed technology be implemented on a product with limited space, like a vial label?

TrueMed enables to transform any graphical element or detail on product into an effective security feature, so even the most challenging products can be effectively secured using TrueMed technology.

What if product consists of multiple components (secondary package, primary package, and the product), each with its own separate security measures?

TrueMed makes it possible to analyze all the components without the need for additional security features. With this single technology, it’s possible to secure the entire product comprehensively and effectively.

What steps should be taken if issues related to counterfeiting or product complaints continue to occur despite the implementation of serialization?

TrueMed serves as an additional layer of verification that complements serialization seamlessly. The integration of TrueMed leaves no space for discrepancies. If any irregularities arise during the serialization, our system enables instant and comprehensive product authentication, facilitating quick identification and reporting of these issues for resolution.