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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company Selects TrueMed’s AI-Enhanced Digital Forensic Lab for Advanced Counterfeit Drug Investigations

[Helsinki, 13 DEC 2023] – TrueMed, the leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions, announces its selection by a top 10 global pharmaceutical company to enhance their counterfeit detection capabilities. This partnership marks a significant step in the digitalization and modernization of laboratory processes in the fight against counterfeit drugs. 

“Counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated, and we’re determined to outsmart them at every turn,” asserts Jyrki Berg, CEO of TrueMed. “Our lab’s advanced capabilities in delivering instant, accurate results are in line with the pharmaceutical company’s goals of innovation and proactive defense. We’re not just keeping pace with counterfeiters; we’re setting the pace, ensuring that patient safety and product authenticity remain uncompromised.” 

Featuring AI and image analysis for instant product verification, the Digital Forensic Lab enables investigators to perform additional checks without physical shipping, avoiding extra logistical costs. Its ability to efficiently identify previously known counterfeit products minimizes the need for manual validations. 

The Digital Forensic Lab’s complements the pharmaceutical company’s objective of employing cutting-edge tools to safeguard its products. By integrating this lab into their processes, the company is better equipped to handle the increasing complexity of counterfeit drug cases, ensuring that their response is not only swift but also deeply integrated into their broader operational and strategic framework. 

The partnership between TrueMed’s Digital Forensic Lab and the pharmaceutical company not only signifies a milestone in enhancing drug authenticity and safety but also brings remarkable efficiency gains. By reducing each counterfeit analysis from 4 hours to just 15 minutes, an impressive 94%-time savings.  

Jyrki Berg, CEO of TrueMed, remarks, “This partnership is transformative. By integrating our advanced forensic capabilities with strategic foresight, we’re disrupting the approach to counterfeit drug analysis, ushering in more secure and reliable pharmaceutical practices.” 

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About TrueMed.  

TrueMed is a leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions. The company’s AI-enabled platform uses cutting-edge technology to analyze and identify potential counterfeit products, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently protect their brands and their customers. 

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