TrueMed Launches AI-enhanced Digital Forensic Lab to Accelerate Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Investigations

[Helsinki, 27NOV2023] – TrueMed, the leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions, is proud to launch its cutting-edge Digital Forensic Lab, a significant expansion in its suite of counterfeit detection solutions. This innovative solution delivers advanced digital forensic analysis, significantly accelerating the process of precise and thorough investigation in complex counterfeit cases. 

“As counterfeiters become more sophisticated in their methods, it’s imperative that our technology evolves at an even faster pace to detect them.” said Jyrki Berg, CEO of TrueMed  “By providing instant results and comprehensive case reporting, we empower laboratories and brand holders with unprecedented speed and accuracy in product verification.” 

The Digital Forensic Lab integrates image capture with AI and machine learning for instant product verification. The system also allows investigators to conduct further verifications without the need for physical shipping, thereby circumventing additional logistical and third-party expenses. A notable feature of the Digital Forensic Lab is its capability to efficiently manage and recognize previously identified counterfeit products, reducing the necessity for repeated validations.  

“Our Digital Forensic Lab eliminates the need for lengthy physical lab tests and manual reporting as all data is automatically centralized” added Jyrki. “This ensures that brand holders and investigators have real-time, actionable insights at their fingertips.” 

TrueMed’s Digital Forensic Lab, now available to healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory bodies, offers a reliable solution for identifying counterfeit products without needing a physical lab. This cost-effective tool complements existing labs, providing enhanced efficiency and savings while ensuring product authenticity and safety. 

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About TrueMed 

TrueMed is a leading provider of anti-counterfeiting technology solutions. The company’s AI-enabled platform uses cutting-edge technology to analyze and identify potential counterfeit products, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently protect their brands and their customers.

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