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Fully non-additive AI-powered counterfeit detection.
Combine with existing security measures
or use as a powerful independent platform.

TrueMed Launches AI-enhanced Digital Forensic Lab

TrueMed’s Digital Forensic Lab, now available to healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory bodies, offers a reliable solution for identifying counterfeit products without needing a physical lab.

Detect Counterfeits and Diversions Instantly

TrueMed is the first counterfeit detection system in the world that does not add anything to the product or product package. Empower your entire supply chain to easily detect counterfeits using just a smartphone, no extra hardware required.

TrueMed’s transformative AI platform harnesses mobile phone cameras, machine learning, and data analytics to rapidly and precisely identifying counterfeit and diverted products. It enhances counterfeit medicine identification for forensics and seamlessly integrates with existing product security features.

Easy To Use Mobile App

Experience true convenience, detect counterfeits and verify medication authenticity across your supply chain using just a mobile phone camera. Integrate with your existing lab procedures.

No Packaging Changes Required

Keep your manufacturing process untouched. No special stickers, inks or physical security measures needed. What is non-additive?

Instant Verification

No matter where your medications are located, our AI-enabled technology ensures instant and reliable verification.

Pills and Capsules

Blister Packs


Protect All Product Components

Ensure comprehensive protection for all aspects of your medication by avoiding reliance on a single verified component.

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