DHS signs CRADA with TrueMed

TrueMed – Add Nothing, Protect Anything 

Counterfeiting is over a trillion-dollar market annually. Earnings are made by criminals instead of brand owners. Counterfeit medicine is responsible for the deaths of over a million people every year. Monetary loss for societies when combined with all the side impacts is calculated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

TrueMed is the first counterfeit detection system in the world that does not add anything to the product or product package. Our solution is for professionals and consumers. It works on a smartphone without any extra hardware.

We are looking for mobile software developers to help save lives and fight this global problem.

With TrueMed, you have an opportunity to make the world safer. Together with brands, governments and consumers we can eliminate illicit goods and counterfeits from the supply chains. 

Our customers are the biggest pharmaceutical companies and leading government agencies in the world.  


Job brief

You will be developing and maintaining one or two native SDK libraries (iOS and Android) depending on your capabilities, as well as one cross-platform core app built using Flutter, which integrates both libraries.

Development is focused on iOS first. Features developed for iOS are carried over to Android when possible.


Requirements and skills

  • Experienced in either iOS or Android development, preferably capable of both
  • Experience with cross-platform frameworks e.g. Flutter
  • iOS
    • Swift and UIKit
    • Understanding layout constraints and programmatic UI generation
    • Understanding delegates and closures
    • SwiftUI, reactive programming, state binding
    • Native camera frameworks (AVFoundation framework)
    • Basic Objective-C
  • Android
    • Java and XML UI
    • Camera2 and CameraX
    • Jetpack Compose and Kotlin
    • Gradle build scripting
    • Building frameworks that can be used internally and/or distributed to clients
  • Experience with distribution and analytics platforms
    • Firebase
    • TestFlight
    • App Store Connect
    • Google Play
  • Experience with image processing solutions, notably OpenCV
  • Good English communication skills
  • Source control using Git
  • C++ is a plus
  • Tensorflow is a plus
  • Experience with lean development paradigm is a plus
  • Experience with build pipelines and automated testing (eg. Unit testing) is a plus


Responsibilities include

  • Developing and maintaining a Flutter cross-platform app
  • Developing and maintaining an iOS SDK and/or developing and maintaining an Android SDK
  • Refactoring software architecture towards a unified approach
  • Creating build pipelines
  • Creating test cases


What we offer you

A competitive salary with benefits and a supportive working community. All our employees are owners of the company. This opportunity is also available to you.

You can work at our offices in Espoo and Palo Alto or remotely if you prefer that.


Join us and apply

To apply please send your CV to the email below by April 25th 2022.

For further information, please contact COO Oskari Heikel, +358 50 5916085, oskari.heikel@truemedinc.com.


About TrueMed

TrueMed is the world’s first non-additive product protection solution for instantly detecting counterfeit products, globally. Our mission is to save lives, societies, and revenue. TrueMed is also the first counterfeit detection solution that can identify counterfeit packages, bottles, pills and other objects by using proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms through a powerful software-based platform. TrueMed enables every mobile phone to be a powerful counterfeit scanner. TrueMed was founded in 2019 and is based in Espoo, Finland and is also located in Palo Alto, California, US. Read more at truemedinc.com