Empowering Laboratories with Cutting-Edge Technology

Tired of the old-fashioned, time-consuming lab processes? Say hello to TrueMed, your gateway to the digital future of laboratory services.

Unleash Digital Efficiency

Gone are the days of manual processing that eat up hours of your valuable time. TrueMed's advanced system, with all its preparations, has redefined the game. In just 5 minutes, we achieve what used to take a grueling 4 hours. That's a staggering 48 times faster than traditional methods.

Visual Analysis Redefined

Human error has long plagued visual inspection, with error rates soaring between 20% to 30%. TrueMed emerges as a pinnacle of accuracy. Our digital technology performs visual analysis at a speed 1000 times faster than the human eye, eliminating costly errors and boosting precision like never before.

No More Shipping Hassles

Bid farewell to the back-and-forth shipping of goods. TrueMed digitizes your workflow, allowing you to scan products in the field and seamlessly analyze them in our state-of-the-art lab using our powerful backend tools, all masterfully managed by our brand.

Revolutionary Tools at Your Fingertips

With TrueMed, we don't just provide services; we equip you with a suite of digital tools that revolutionizes your laboratory experience. Easily comment, group, and version the items you've observed, making your workflow more efficient, repeatable, and, most importantly, digital.

Enhanced Forensic Intelligence

TrueMed empowers your lab with cutting-edge fingerprint analysis, unlocking invaluable insights into counterfeiters who produce multiple products or brands. Elevate your forensic analysis to a digital realm and stay steps ahead of counterfeit operations.

Real-Time Insights

Stay in complete control of your analysis with TrueMed's real-time tracking feature. Monitor every step of the process and make data-driven decisions with up-to-the-minute information, all in a digital format.

Welcome to the dawn of digital laboratory services.

Welcome to TrueMed Digital Lab Services.

Explore the digital advantage today.

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